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A Bit About Me

Dr. Luciana Yacomotti, MD.

Luciana Yacomotti M.D. is a doctor and expert in Aesthetic Medicine, with specialty on cosmetic appearance and dermatology of many conditions, including scars, wrinkles, skin, discoloration, and any condition that affects the young looking best version of her patients. As a believer of beauty as a whole, Dr. Luciana combines internal medicine with aesthetic procedures dramatically boosting her patients confidence with natural beautiful results.

About GC Skin

Hand in hand with Dr. Luciana, at GC we focus on details and aesthetic results with a holistic approach to beauty from the health and empowerment of our patients, so that they can experience a process of transformation, look younger, more beautiful with a natural look.
Our mission is to provide alternatives of high quality aesthetic treatments with the best treatment, warmth and consideration for the needs and desires of our patients to achieve their best version to live fully. At GC Skin we provide aesthetic medicine services that inspire our patients to look young, confident and with their self-esteem intact. Beyond any improvement or change, inspiration begins with each patient and the possibility of achieving their best version.

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 3D Pink Flower